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We create digital employees and AI applications to power up humans.

We uber-focus on using AI to reduce the time and cost people spend on critical tasks while understanding human nature.

95% of businesses still need to adopt generative AI, missing a survival opportunity in the tech evolution. Seven years of experience in AI, automation, and software development make us experts in building AI systems and assistants.

Meet your new team member

Hire our advanced AI assistants and boost your team's or solo productivity by having them take on repetitive tasks, conduct expert Q&A, integrate systems, analyze data, and more. Focus on what matters and work more relaxed daily.

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Focusing on sustainable AI

Our offer relies on five disciplines to deliver efficiency, safety, and low cost.

Global Experience

We have partnered with world-class organizations and small businesses to bring cutting-edge AI and software innovations to life. Our expertise ensures our clients, regardless of size, receive innovative, affordable, and transformative solutions that put them at the forefront of their industries.

Why Disruptica?

We are a unique company with a deep research and development DNA. We follow rigorous processes and methodologies to ensure impact, quality, and exceptional customer service.

  • 7 years of research and development

    Choose Disruptica for unmatched AI results. With 7+ years in AI, over 50 successful projects, and trust from top-tier clients like the IMF, we guarantee innovative, top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Cost Efficient

    With our proprietary platform, DrakeCore, you can access 10X faster and more cost-effective AI solutions. Say goodbye to project-based fees and lack of support. Experience custom SaaS, ensuring you get cutting-edge technology in monthly payments.

  • Human nature

    The AI revolution is here to augment humans, not the other way around. Every solution is crafted on human psychology to deliver a great user experience, safety, and healthy human augmentation.

Priority-AI™ Framework

What can we say? We’re overachievers. So, we not only develop solutions and take care of the whole R&D process, but also provide technical strategic plans for businesses to know how to deploy their AI initiatives.

By Innovators for Innovators

Hooking you up with the right moves, top-notch talent, cutting-edge platforms, and unmatched customer support, we're here to make sure business leaders and their dev crews stand out in the AI era and crush their business goals.

Grow Your Business

With years of experience researching and developing software, AI, and automation, we pass that knowledge, capabilities, and tools to you to better engage customers and employees.

Save Time & Money

With Priority-AI™, our proven framework of methodologies, internal processes, tools, and project management practices powered by AI, achieve successful and timely results without paying a fortune.

Increase Efficiency

With DrakeCore™ O.S., our robust, secure, and reliable cloud-native platform, we can deploy, manage, and support traditional and AI apps that focus on increasing profit while reducing costs.

Provide Flexibility

With a Software-as-a-service approach, we changed the AI expert assistant game, making the innovation accessible to everyone. With flexible support and payment options for solutions, your business can respond to changes quickly and at a low cost.

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Committed to giving back

AI Ethics

"We are very lucky, because we have a very good company that is supporting us."

– G.U. International Monetary Fund
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"The level of commitment to achieve results is excellent. Even when facing unforseen circumstances that made implementation of the proposed solution extremely difficult, the firm put the extra effort to make things work."

– L.T. Inter-American Development Bank

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