Three Steps to Results

Generative AI Consulting Services


Our consulting services follow a bulletproof methodology.

No matter how complex, every technology solution is carefully researched and developed to enhance efficiency based on the Priority-AI™ R&D framework, including AI-powered tools, best practices, instruments, and processes.

AI-Powered Multi-stakeholder collaboration, the capacity to bring together and operate in ecosystems made up of powerful and highly interconnected stakeholders with the support of advanced AI to analyze any challenge deeply and faster, has proven to have great results..

Total Satisfaction deliverables, from a strategic document to a powered AI application, our customers deserve 100% satisfaction and support. That's why we include Extra Care Support in every solution.

Our expertise:

  • Generative AI research & development
  • Business Process Maturity Assessment for Intelligent Automation
  • AI Unit or Center of Excellence Governance Model
  • Machine learning operations tailored frameworks
  • Chat GPT, Gemini & other generative AI
  • Ethics on AI
  • Custom machine learning modeling
  • Applied AI & cognitive services

Benefits Include

  • Clear Plan & Expected Results

    Our methodologies and processes enable us to stay on target, within timeline and budget.

  • Transparent Budget

    We’ll never build a solution without presenting the full budget, including third-party services, extra licenses, or potential fees.

  • Technology Lifecycle

    Technology keeps evolving, therefore, it’s important to build a solution that will last you the longest and can evolve with your needs.

  • Maintenance & Support Strategy

    Delivering on our promise of “customer first”, we’re there for any needs, updates, or changes you might have even after a project is done.


Technology is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, we focus on creating fast, reliable and modular solutions that incorporate AI through our cloud native microservice infrastructure (think Kubernetes) that is hosted on AWS, Azure, and Google.

Once developed and integrated, all our standard or custom software solutions are tested following a predefined pilot and rollout plan. We also continuously provide dedicated support and maintenance with any requirements or issues.

  • Process Automation

    Identifies mature processes and suggests ways to automate them to improve efficiency and reduce human error.

  • Elastic Infrastructure

    Preconfigured and dynamic servers and services provide system and solution adaptability.

  • Visual Semantic Analysis

    Analyzes the content of an image, identifies meaningful objects and observes their mutual relations.

  • Index & Search

    Store, retrieve, search and analyse information in seconds with powerfull data visualization tools.

  • Visual Recognition

    Identifies, differentiates and classifies people, objects and symbols.

  • Image Colorization

    Creates a new, colorized image out of a black-and-white original, using plausible colors.

  • Data Restoration

    Brings back to life corrupted or deteriorated files by filling in the blanks and correcting common issues.

  • HCR & OCR

    Reads, digitizes and systematizes handwritten characters and optical characters.


Why pay to develop and maintain technology when you can lease it?

For clients looking for hassle-free and affordable technology solutions, standard or custom developed, we can deliver the most advanced technology through our leasing program.

Benefits Include

  • Lower Upfront Costs

    Having great technology shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Following our subscription model, upfront costs are lowered and payments can be spread out.

  • Lower Maintenance & Customization Costs

    With our subscription model, we’re able to offer better deals, which means more savings for any changes or updates needed.

  • Flexibility to Expand Solution Scope

    Start off small and add additional functionalities later. No penalties or fees involved.

  • Support is Included

    We’ll make sure your software is always up and running. What can we say, we like taking care of our clients.

  • Mix & Match Technology

    Need something special? A simple consultation will help up evaluate and propose the right technology for the right price.

  • Improve ROA & ROI

    We think you should be able to focus on your business and not what technology you use on the backend. We’ve got you covered.

  • Save Capital

    By lowering upfront costs, your business will have more cash to play with.

  • Tax Advantages

    A little bird told us that with subscribing to technology, it becomes an expense instead of an asset.