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Level Up With AI

AI and automation should be easy. That’s why we build microapps for specific industry use cases – think end-use applications for fraud detection, risk analytics, sales forecasting.

Boost Your Architecture Style

Monolithic architecture can be frustrating. That's why we’re all about front- and back-end microservice applications for a more flexible, scalable, and modern approach.

Switch to Kubernetes

Did we mention our own open source platform? Yes, we’re that cool. As a result, we’re able to update, upgrade, or rewrite just parts of an application seamlessly, resulting in more secure and reliable software.

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Adopt A Strategy

What can we say? We’re overachievers. So, we not only develop solutions, but also provide technical strategic plans for businesses to know how to implement, review, or scale their AI initiative.

By Architects for Architects

Providing engineering tools and solutions for dev teams to shine while achieving business objectives

Grow Your Business

With years of experience automating processes and providing data insights through AI, we pass that knowledge and tools to you to better engage with customers and employees.

Save Time & Money

Our established internal processes and project management methodologies achieve successful and timely results.

Increase Efficiency

With a robust, secure, and reliable multi-cloud infrastructure, we can deploy standard and custom software services that resolve efficiency challenges.

Provide Flexibility

With an open source approach and flexible payment options for solutions, your business can respond to changes quickly and at low cost.

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AI Ethics

"We are very lucky, because we have a very good company that is supporting us."

– G.U. International Monetary Fund
How IA Saves Lifes Disruptica
Disruptica Self Driving Cars

"The level of commitment to achieve results is excellent. Even when facing unforseen circumstances that made implementation of the proposed solution extremely difficult, the firm put the extra effort to make things work."

– L.T. Inter-American Development Bank

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