Generative AI Research & Development Framework


Competing in the age of AI requires a different mindset to create innovative software products. That's why Priority-AI™ is our framework of methodologies, best practices, tools, and instruments powered by AI to speed up the process of creating the new generation of digital products based on generative AI.

This is how Priority-AI™ works in a nutshell:

1 - Automatic Research

Powered by AI tools and in collaboration with your team and our talent, we deeply research the context of your challenge, engage with stakeholders and users, and design the best solution.

2 - Development

Solutions are developed through a multidisciplinary team, utilizing methodologies such as Agile, TSDP, composable applications, and a rigorous testing process.

3 - Support & hosting

Every creation includes Extra Care Support™ & DrakeCore™ O.S. to deliver maintenance, support 24/7, and 99.98% hosting in our customers' cloud, on-prem, or Disruptica's managed cloud for full-service coverage.

Always - Continuous improvements

Being our customer comes with many benefits, like full access to tech advisory at no cost, the preview of new technologies, addons, showcasing events, and more. We go beyond expectations.

Some features

  • Specialized on Generative AI
  • AI digital employees apps design & source code
  • Full AI product strategy assessment
  • Product competition landscaping
  • Product team organization & governance
  • Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) on AWS, Azure or GPC
  • DevOps on AWS, Azure or GPC
  • Set of AI product design & development best practices
  • Canvas & business AI
  • AI Ethics guidelines
  • Visual training material
  • Tailored R&D process
  • From idea to product dashboard
  • AI user experience
  • Composable applications approach
Advantages Include

  • Centralized AI strategy and operation

    All documents, tools, and instruments are available for your product team in one place so you keep organized your R&D program.

  • Lower R&D costs

    Developing a digital product without professional help could be costly and risky. With us, you only pay a fraction, learn from our experience, get access to our AI-powered tools, and keep updated on your digital products.

  • Constant innovation

    Technology keeps evolving, therefore, it’s important to build a solution that will last you the longest and can evolve with your needs that's why you get access to DrakeCore™ O.S.

  • Access to expert talent

    Our network of industry experts worldwide will ensure you can rely on adding new ideas to your innovation. Additionally, we open our business advisors to brainstorm new ideas with you.


Priority-AI™ is here to boost equally entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the Forbes 500 to be fast and disruptive like startups. Our framework incorporates the best methodologies and practices in the AI and software industry.

Our powered AI tools take your business inputs and needs and create a tailored framework for you in minutes, so you don't have to spend months with expensive consultants figuring out how to innovate.

The best of Priority-AI™ is available as self-service or assisted, meaning you can do it in your own time with your team or hire us to help you in the process. It includes DrakeCore to deliver AI or traditional software products.

Inspired by winning methodologies
  • Team Data Science Process

    TSDP is a structured framework for developing and managing data science projects that enables data science teams to work efficiently and effectively.

  • Agile & Scrum

    It's a framework for managing work and delivering value through iterative, incremental cycles of planning, development, and review.

  • AI First

    It is an approach to technology development and decision-making that places Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the core.

  • Lean Startup

    Methodology for developing fast & innovative products and services through rapid experimentation and iteration. Most startups follow lean methodologies.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy

    It is a business strategy designed to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant by focusing on unique features.

  • DevOps

    It's a culture and set of practices that emphasizes collaboration between software development and operations teams to achieve faster software delivery.

  • MLOps

    MLOps is an approach to managing the entire machine learning and artificial intelligence lifecycle, from development to production.

  • Rapid Application Development

    It is an iterative software development methodology that focuses on rapid prototyping and accelerated delivery of applications.

  • Generative AI

    By learning from large data sets, Generative AI creates new content, like art or text. It helps automate and personalize creative tasks enhancing innovation and efficiency.


Why pay a fortune for software consulting services at once that mostly fail because developers' business is to charge per time & material if you can hire us to succeed with your success?

Priority-AI™ is here to change the software consulting services game. Why? Because our business is to service the entire R&D cycle plus the resulting innovation.

It's like R&D as a service. Think about it.

Benefits of using Priority-AI™ + DrakeCore™ + Extra Care Support™ Include

  • Lower Upfront Costs

    Having great technology shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Following our subscription model, upfront costs are lowered and payments can be spread out.

  • Lower Maintenance & Customization Costs

    With our subscription model, we’re able to offer better deals, which means more savings for any changes or updates needed.

  • Flexibility to Expand Solution Scope

    Start off small and add additional functionalities later. No penalties or fees involved.

  • Extra Care Support™ is Included

    We’ll make sure your software is always up and running. What can we say, we like taking care of our clients.

  • Mix & Match Technology

    Need something special? A simple consultation will help up evaluate and propose the right technology for the right price.

  • Improve ROA & ROI

    We think you should be able to focus on your business and not what technology you use on the backend. We’ve got you covered.

  • Save Capital

    By lowering upfront costs, your business will have more cash to play with.

  • Tax Advantages

    A little bird told us that with subscribing to technology, it becomes an expense instead of an asset.