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Client Stories


Problem: How to promote financial inclusion among vulnerable populations, specifically women in rural areas.

Location: Costa Rica

Solution: To improve Costa Rica’s Social Program Payment System, with the IMF and Costa Rica’s Ministry of Finance, a three-day hackathon was hosted for 30 IT and industry professionals. With the help of Disruptica, two technological solutions (backend and frontend) were designed at the event.

Impact: The technological solutions have been accepted by the Costa Rican authorities and will be developed and implemented.

Industry: Public Sector, Finance

Innovating in CostaRica Disruptica
“We are lucky, because we have a very good company that is supporting us.”

— Gerardo U., International Monetary Fund


Problem: How to develop an efficient process of inputting handwritten medical records into a national medical database, as teams of administrators and doctors are responsible in transcribing them manually.

Location: Honduras

Solution: Creating a mobile application that takes an image of a medical record and with the help of AI (HCR & OCR) it “reads” the document and automatically uploads it into the national medical database. The app is also designed to work offline/with limited internet for rural communities.

Impact: Efficiency is increased by 800%, allowing doctors, especially, to spend more time treating patients instead of doing administrative work.

Industry: Public Sector, Healthcare

How IA Saves Lifes Disruptica
“The level of commitment to achieve results is excellent. Even when facing unforeseen circumstances that made the implementation of the proposed solution extremely difficult, the firm put all the extra effort to make things work.”

— Luis T., Inter-American Development Bank


Problem: How to train college students, who are the next generation of data scientists, in autonomous systems if there are limited courses available.

Location: Colombia

Solution: Disruptica's LAB (R&D program), along with EAFIT University, planned and offered students the first ever Self-Driving Cars course.

Impact: During the course of a semester, students successfully built an autonomous model car that could drive along a simulated road and detect objects, replicating a real-life situation.

Industry: Higher Education, R&D

Disruptica Self Driving Cars
“The project had a very short deadline, but thanks to the organization of the sprints and quick response times to requests, we were able to achieve that goal.”

— Daniela M., Grupo Argos

Efficiency Across Industries

We help our clients enhance efficiency to increase sales, productivity, and team and customer satisfaction.

  • Process Automation

    Solution: Creating the automation strategy for a pension fund with more than 6.5 million users to improve pension access and transparency.

    Industry: Public Sector, Finance

  • Corporate Digital Transformation

    Solution: Developing a corporate SharePoint intranet with AI functionalities to promote engagement and a cultural transformation inside the organization.

    Industry: Energy, Construction

  • Financial Digital Transformation

    Solution: Engineering SharePoint applications with AI functionalities to track and monitor financial projects and goals, and provide funding transparency.

    Industry: Finance

  • Process & Systems Architecture

    Solution: Building a CRM along with a process and website update for a complete backend and frontend overhaul. Solution is designed to obtain NIST and ISO certification.

    Industry: Logistics, Transportation