DrakeCore™ O.S.

AI & Automation Everything App Operating System

What is an AI and automation everything app business operating system?

An everything app (aka super apps) is the all-in-one approach to developing and centralizing strategic business web and mobile applications that offer teams an AI or automation competitive advantage without the risk of vendor locking.

How do everything apps benefit me?

In one word: efficiency! Meaning you achieve more business with less costs while keeping your secret sauce. DrakeCore is built to help companies to create faster, cheaper, and more reliable AI applications that focus on augmenting human capabilities to compete in the age of AI.

Is this for big business?

Not at all! We designed DrakeCore to allow any business size to access state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the cost without compromising reliability, scalability, and security.

how disruptica works
DrakeCore in a nutshell TL;DR

It is a composable application operating system assembled on top of Kubernetes with more than 50 LTS open-source projects. It reduces complexity to a linear scale by building single-use-case or composable applications in a common cloud-native platform that shares one service mesh, identity and access manager, and secure gateway.

DrakeCore is agnostic to support any language and architecture style and pays special attention to reliability, resilience, and security. Benefits include better team organization, faster time to market, and lower development and maintenance costs while promoting agile business practices to compete in the age of AI.

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Deploy, manage,and maintain any workload like a subscription

DrakeCore is Disruptica's AI & Automation Everything App operating system running on top of Kubernetes, designed to provide businesses with a secure, efficient, and cost-effective way to deploy, manage, and maintain both AI and traditional applications.

It allows your business to quickly develop and deploy containers that share reusable services like authentication, authorization, storage, security, cognitive services, and many others to compete in the age of AI and automation.

DrakeCore™ O.S. is designed to be secure, fast, affordable, and simple for a new generation of developers focusing on delivering fast functionalities and powering their creation with AI. Providing your business with the superpower to securely deploy, manage, and support agnostic applications and workloads at a fast speed is a game changer. It also provides tools for monitoring and managing system performance and security, making securing and optimizing AI-enabled workloads easier.

With DrakeCore™ O.S., you can transform your business into an uber-performing machine of your expertise, existing applications, and data to succeed in the age of AI and services.

Some features

  • Built on Kubernetes
  • 100% LTS Open Source Components
  • Deploy & manage micro apps in one click
  • Built in NIST Compliance & IT Governance
  • Full automatic observability
  • Low operation costs
  • Built in monetization
  • Full documentation & Apps Starter Kits
  • 24/7 Extra Care™ Support
  • Priority-AI™ Methodology
Advantages Include

  • Speed up result

    Our technology is designed to deploy and run powerful, small, and modular applications (micro-apps) that focus on one thing. With Priority-AI™, our R&D framework, small teams can uber-focus on delivering value and a great user experience rather than dealing with IT infrastructure.

  • Lower IT costs

    Adopting DrakeCore immediately reduces your IT personnel, support, and cloud infrastructure costs by an average of 30%. In addition, drakeCore includes, by default, good practices and standards that help you do more with less.

  • Constant evolution

    Technology keeps evolving, and keeping it updated requires ongoing investment in IT. With DrakeCore™ O.S., the maintenance cost reduces by an average of 50% because of independent modularity and agnosticism.

  • Included Maintenance & Support

    Delivering on our promise of “Extra Care Support™,” we’re there for any needs, updates, or changes you might have; we are always here to advise you at no additional cost.


DrakeCore™ O.S. is at the heart of what we do, and we opened it for you. Our motto is to create fast, reliable, and modular applications incorporating AI through a robust and simple Kubernetes platform that developers love.
We also continuously research, develop and deploy innovation for you to go further, faster, and more disruptive.

More features
  • API Gateway

    One API Gateway controls security, access, and authorization for all in and out traffic. The gateway simplifies the application's complexity and lets developers focus on functionalities.

  • Elastic Infrastructure

    Use on-demand cloud servers and services to provide scalable solutions from north to south and east to west. DrakeCore™ O.S. manages the service demand automatically, so you save money.

  • Embedded Authentication & Authorization

    Manage all users' permission and roles in a single UX & API interface. Developers reuse secure JWT to authorize their applications quickly without developing complex access control mechanisms.

  • Integrated Database and Search engine

    DrakeCore™ O.S. includes an integrated database as a service to perform complex operations easily in the platform without worrying about DB connections or data encryption.

  • Built-In Observability

    Using Prometheus, Kiali, Grafana, and other tools, you can monitor all the infrastructure in one single place and make administrative decisions in minutes.

  • Scripted Platform

    DrakeCore™ O.S. uses agnostic deployment with Terraform, so you can quickly deploy in minutes a robust infrastructure to deliver the next generation of applications.

  • NIST & ISO Compliance ready

    DrakeCore™ O.S. allows the implementation of all controls required by NIST and ISO, from asset management to backup and recovery in minutes.

  • Multi cloud

    DrakeCore™ O.S. is designed to run on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Digital Ocean with simple scripts that enable a robust Kubernetes infrastructure in minutes, not months.


Why pay to develop and maintain technology when you can lease it?

For clients looking for hassle-free and affordable technology solutions, standard or custom developed, we can deliver the most advanced technology through our leasing program.

Benefits of using Priority-AI™ + DrakeCore™ + Extra Care Support™ Include

  • Lower Upfront Costs

    Having great technology shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Following our subscription model, upfront costs are lowered and payments can be spread out.

  • Lower Maintenance & Customization Costs

    With our subscription model, we’re able to offer better deals, which means more savings every time you grow.

  • Flexibility to Expand Solution Scope

    Start off small and add additional functionalities later. We understand innovation requires flexibility.

  • Extra Care Support™ is Included

    We’ll make sure your installation is always up and running. What can we say, we like taking care of our clients.

  • Mix & Match Technology

    You don't have to worry about getting locked with a vendor or technology. DrakeCore™ O.S. is designed to run any technology, architecture, and language because we use containers and Kubernetes.

  • Priority-AI™ is included

    You get more than technology; you get a whole framework of methodologies and tools powered by AI that will help your team to focus on creating products and innovations.

  • Improve ROA & ROI & Save Capital

    We think you should be able to focus on your business and not what technology you use on the backend. We’ve got you covered by lowering upfront costs, your business will have more cash to play with.

  • Tax Advantages

    A little bird told us that with subscribing to technology, it becomes an expense instead of an asset.